• About ME

    Ph.D. Student in Robotics at Oregon State University, the United States

    Thank you for visiting my website. I am Masafumi Endo, a Ph.D. student in Robotics at Oregon State University.

    I started my Ph.D. study under the guidance of Prof. Burak Sencer from this fall. I am working on learning-based trajectory generation that identifies path/motion plannings and predicts time-optimal trajectories for robotic manipulators.

    Previously, I completed my M.S. studies in The Space Robotics Lab., directed by Prof. Kazuya Yoshida at Tohoku University, Japan. My main research topic was the development of a planetary roving vehicle for the exploration of celestial surfaces such as Moon and Mars.

    I have been interested in both fundamental and applicational robotic theories for autonomous mobile robots, particularly predictive perception, path/motion planning, and control for following the ways.

    My research objective is to create agile mobile robots who have robustness, high efficiency, and adaptability to accomplish long-term operations even in challenging, unknown environments.

  • Education

    Oregon State University, The United States

    Sep. 2019 - (Expected)

    Ph.D. in Robotics, Graduate Research Assistant

    Supervisor: Prof. Burak Sencer

    Research Area: Robotics, Trajectory Generation, Machine Learning, Path Planning

    Tohoku University, Japan

    Apr. 2017 - Mar. 2019

    M.E. in Aerospace Engineering

    Supervisor: Prof. Kazuya Yoshida and Prof. Kenji Nagaoka

    Research Area: Robotics, Mobility Prediction, Machine Learning, Terramechanics

    Kobe University, Japan

    Apr. 2013 - Mar. 2017

    B.E. in Mechanical Engineering

    Supervisor: Prof. Tsuyoshi Kawanami

    Research Area: Thermal Engineering, Phase Change Material

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